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Projects of the Foundation

Project "Radicondoli"

The Foundation organizes its own plan concerning musical education and didactics. The initiatives linked to the relevant projects take place in Italy (precisely in the Convento dell’Osservanza near Radicondoli-province Siena). In 2004 the convent became a subsidiary venue of the Foundation.

scuola di musicaMusic school “Radiconvento” has as its main target group the children and youngsters living in the town of Radicondoli who wish to play a musical instrument. The teaching method is based on specific pedagogical and didactic principles that take the learners’ background and needs into account.

gioia di suonareThe starting point of the teaching method is the pleasure it gives to play music, to „make“ music with and for others. The motivation to learn to play an instrument and the spur to further improve one’s technical and musical capabilities derive from the exchange with one’s peers, playing together and listening to one another. Usually, the children choose an instrument (violin, cello, piano) when they are six years old. The lessons with the instruments are completed by rhythm and group music classes since the very beginning.

scuola di musicaSometimes, the learners are put together in small groups of two or three people. The children may enrol in the school without having to pass any exam. However, after the first three years a confirmation exam is required. When the pupils have classes at the convent, they often spend much of the afternoon in its rooms and gardens. In this way, music more easily becomes an essential part of their daily life; they also have the opportunity to watch their friends’ lessons. In the afternoon, the children may also attend arts/drawing and movement/theatre classes.  
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Attending such classes allows the children and youths to broaden their artistic expression by acquiring new forms, which may be associated and exchanged with music. The concerts organized before the summer reflect this integration between various art forms.


scuola di musicaMusic weeks and weekends

The music weeks and weekends for children between 6 and 12 years of age give some 15 young musicians the opportunity (both during the school year and in the summer) to meet other kids and play together in small chamber music groups and orchestras. The most important thing is the pleasure and enjoyment of making music together, which represents a fundamental motivation for anyone trying to learn a musical instrument. The "Convento dell’Osservanza" in Radicondoli is an ideal venue for these gatherings, since it offers not only rooms where to sleep, but also ample space for music and recreation activities.


scuola di musicaThe "Concerts at the Convent"

During the summer, the Foundations organizes various concerts at the "Convento dell’Osservanza". The programmes and form of these concerts are meant to suit mainly the tastes of an audience of children and young people.

Over the last years, the Christmas Concert has become a customary event for the Radicondoli community.